Here is a list of inspirations.

Seek&Play like spontaneous ideas, handmade toys and others.

Theater “Beauty on a pea”

For Download

Telling fairy tail is geart activity for beginning with narration practice. Well know fable, adjust details to your child age. Print, cut and play!!

Figures can be painted or decorated. Build cartoon theater to have appropriate climat.


Colouring game – DINOSAUR

For Download

Colouring game. Print, use dice and crayon. Throw the dice and colour  fields which fit the count you have thrown. Whocolour last field wins. Game for 2. To options for download: details and realistic (option 1) or simplified (option 2). 

Did you know that scientist are not sure about skin color of dinosaurs. Some believes, that they were not in ‘earth’ like colors but…. quite colorful. 

download option 1 download option 2

Storytelling cube

For download

Telling game. Let the lottery decide how the story goes. Print. Cut. Glue and throw the cube. Create story based on what you throw. Be brave to create extraordinary stories of the cube’s heros. 

Can be painted before a cube is made. 


Butterfly seek

For download

Play for butterfly discoverers. Print, cut and place butterfly in your home according to the map. Your home becomes great butterfly seek place! 

You can print single or many butterflies of each kind, practice counting with you child. Butterflies are happy to be painted. 




Mats fabric is great for all stickers. Discovered by accident when my daughter put butterfly sticker on City mat.

In the City butterflies can fly, flowers can bloom in town square or it can be inhabited by unicorn or dinosaur.

Play-Doh DIY


Play-Doh is great for creation of new things to play with. Here, together with my older daughter I made fruits and vegetables, bowls and cups. We also used Duplo’s basket and barrow .

With Play-Doh you can make other daily used things and play with them on the Mat during picnic. Create bricks ro stones for build site etc. Felt also can be used as a replacement for Play-Doh.

Board game

Mats, Cover, T-Shirt, Blanket

Creativity stimulation game. You need dice and some figures (we used Schleich animals).Dashed lines are the fields on your way. Choose where to start and move how many you have thrown on your dice. We are inventing ad-hoc tasks for the players i.e. behave like horse if you stopped next to it, skip the turn if you stopped nest the lady taking rest under the umbrella.

Choose you favorite figures to play. Tasks and rules are up to you, open your mind and enjoy.

Finger theater

Mats, Bed linen, Cover, Blanket

Use your and your child to create character who will visit Seek & Play. Who they will meet, what adventures are going to have?

You can draw face mimics, create clothes. Here I used paper.



Dialog bubbles with basic syllables is targeted for the youngest. You need card board and marker pen. On Mats and other Seek & Play products thereare lots of sound inspiration plots. 

With older you can put whole tasks, create dialog and record it as videos.

Magnifying glass

Mats, Bed linen, Cover, Blanket

Young detectives get ready. Seek & Play intentionally contain number of small elements to make finding them with the glass more interesting. Hand made drawings pay attention to details and allows to discover much.


Mats, Cover, T-Short, Blanket

You need something to cover the drawings (i.e. hand). In simple version, cover and describe it, in harder version let you child say from memory what’s hidden.

Your child can also try to guess base don your tips… and point appropriate figure.

Count bricks, ballons (shapes)

Mats, Bed linen, T-Shirt, Cover, Blanket

Seller out some balloon on the air, which flew in different directions. Find them and count. Similarly you can count bricks that fell off the truck. We cut red brick additionally, and put wherever the brick was. Then it was easier to count. Zosia also put her name letters on them (Z, O, I).

Balloons also are of different shapes, which allows your child to categorize them.


Mats, Cover, T-Shirt, Blanket

Flags can be counted, but also each of it has different emoticon like: joy, laugh, surprise. It inspires to talk about emotions and feeling.

Flag emotions are related to surrounding scenery. They are located by Wanderer and he has a full bag of them.


Mats, Bed linen, T-Shirt, Cover, Blanket

Due to limitless drawings motives you will find while alphabet . 

Works for every language.


Mats, Cover,T-Shirt, Blanket

In Seek & Play you will find number of characters but it is up to you how you name them and what its story is.

Traditional name, nick name, cute short name – there is huge room for creativity.


Mats, Bed linen, T-Shirt, Cover, Blanket

Especially on Mats where the world is realistic you will find many professions like: : fireman, seller, teacher, musician, sportsman, businessman, engineer, driver etc…

Later you can find different sport disciplines, especially on Mountain Mat.

Lost luggage

Mats, Cover, T-Shirt, Blanket

Someone lost the luggage. Find them. Who do they belong to?Did someone loose them by accident, forgot about them or was it intentional.

Start telling with something small like luggage, shoe at building site or teddy bearunder cut tree. Describe it, say who does it belong to, will he/she find it etc. Extends the story with new plots and characters.


Bed linen, Cover, Blanket

Great opportunity to name the solar system planets. 

You can print the names and stick them to the ones that you already recognized.


Put it on and remember to have the graphics on the back.Get laid and start to relax. 

There is a printed graphics delivered with the T-Shirt, use it to tell, ask questions and describe plots.

To lay on, cover and have

Mats, Bed linen, T-Shirt, Cover, Blanket

I like Seek & Play for its usability. It inspires when you need suggestions for creative activities, but also works great when you need to cover, build a base or simply… lay. . 

All materials used are certified and safe for children and adults.

Big moves

Mats, Cover, Blanket

Use roads to walk over them foot by foot. Practice balance and focus.

You can also play game: put right hand on ‘dinosaur’, left leg on elk ….

And small moves


Obstacle course made of grass for the cars? Why not.

You can use kinetic sand, other natural things like bark, leaves, cones, branches. You can build shelter for the animals or gardens for the dolls. Don’t worry about cleaning, Mats are perfectly cleaned by washing-machine.

Spontaneous play

Mats, Cover, Blanket

Once it will be your favorite character City, next you will organize picnic for illustrated figures or combine with railroad.

Use Mats with combinations with other toys.

Did you discover your plays?

Please share it, Tag us #hahamatywyszukiwanki, we will test and re-post. Thank you for inspiring other Families.